Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Explore Yoga at the exclusive mountain resort at Mukteshwar. The roots of yoga stretch far back into the history of ancient India.
In these fast-moving times, modern, body-conscious yoga offers us well-being, relaxation and improved body perception.


The luxury resort amid forests, meadows and mountains is ideal for relaxed and energising yoga sessions. Tranquillity, enjoying nature and the far views create an exhilarating atmosphere high above everyday life.


If you’re participating in weekly yoga exercises, you will quickly realise that yoga is more than certain positions or breathing exercises. The teachings of yoga take the whole person into account: body, breathing, relaxation, nutrition and meditation are “pieces of the puzzle” that need to be considered equally.

Find power and balance on a yoga holiday in Mukteshwar

Yoga has many positive effects on body and mind. Assuming yoga positions (Asanas) penetrates deep layers of muscle and tissue, relieving tensions and blockages. Deep relaxation and conscious breathing create a new body sensation resulting in easier, more elegant movement. Furthermore, yoga has an alleviating effect on many ailments: clear improvements are felt in cases of asthma, high blood pressure, ailments of the head, neck, back and joints, problems with the cardiovascular system and diabetes

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